PivničkaPod Červeným KameňomČervený Kameň

Something to eat

Apart from great wines we would like to also offer something to eat in a magical atmosphere of candle lit arched cellar. We will be glad if you taste home made specialities from superior local products, some of which come from our own garden, we also offer bread from local bakery located in Častá village or home made pies from our ladies that live in the village.

We would like to point out the fact  that any food needs to be arranged and ordered in advance.

Our specialities:

Chicken prepared in our charcoal oven:
¼ of a chicken baked in our in house oven, freshly baked local bread from Častá bakery, home made salad, savoury pickles (gherkins, chilli peppers etc.)    

Our „ražniči“
Pork meat with onions, bacon and potatoes cooked in clay pot in the oven, baked potatoes, bread, home made tartar sauce, seasonal salad     

The Duck Feast
¼ crunchy baked duck, 3 „lokše“ (savoury pancakes made of potatoes dough), cabbage stewed on wine, bread, savoury pickles     

The Little Carpathian Buffet
Hot and cold specialities, e.g. various cheese, smoke cured specialities, home made spreads, filled pork fatback, local smoked sausages, local butcher specialities etc.     fro(depending on offer)

Grilled pork leg
Pork leg grilled on charcoal, freshly baked bread from Častá bakery, home pickled horseradish, mustard, savoury pickles (gherkins, chilli peppers etc.)     

Vegetarian menu
Grilled cheese (brie type), baked potatoes, home made tartar sauce, seasonal salad     

Of course, we would gladly prepare also other types of food based on your order (e.g. baked/grilled pig, butcher specialities, grilled ribs, goulash, various kinds of soups etc.). We offer hot food to groups of 10 and more persons, smaller groups depending on agreement.

Canapés to accompany wine:

  • Arranged plateaus (various cheese, smoke cured specialities, bread, vegetables)    
  • Butcher’s specialities (smoke cured meat, bacon, pork pie, smoked local sausages, bread )     
  • Pork cracklings spread with onion and freshly baked bread of Častá     
  • Častá bread  with home made geese (pork) lard and onion     
  • Home made liver paté with freshly baked bread     
  • Spreads  (bryndzova – Slovakian sheep cheese spread, other cheese) rolls or buns, bread, vegetables   
  • Bowl of olives with cheese and rolls or buns
  • Home made „pagáče“ 
  • Home made flat cake of grandma Otka (sour cream, onion)   
  • Salted sticks, chips, nuts etc. as per offer

Sweet goodies:

  • Home made flat cake of grandma Otka with seasonal fruit 1 piece   
  • Home made strudel     
  • Other home made pies and cakes     


  • Little Carpathian wines 0,75 l subject to current offer    
  • White wine of Modra poured from a barrel 1 l    
  • Red wine poured from a barrel 0,10 l    
  • Jug of spring water with lemon 0,75 l    
  • Mineral water 0,75 l     
  • Coffee, tea     

Other drinks depending on current offer

Visit of our cellar can be made even more pleasant when accompanied by folk music group, accordion player or we can arrange performance of fencing company or historical medieval company..